Jet Fretz is the New Innovation of Guitar Frets!

Jet Fretz are newly designed frets that greatly enhance the sustain, attack and clarity of your fretted instrument! They now come in  radiuses!

Jet Fretz are the newest technology on the market!
Nothing enhances your playing like extended sustain and Jet Fretz delivers that sustain unlike never before! Stand out from the crowd of players and bring them to their feet with Jet Fretz! The dovetail base slides into a specially slotted fret board.
Higher mass & stabilization plates on the frets create as much as 35% more sustain to your instrument. 
Jet Fretz are available in different height sizes, so if one might want a scalloped feel, no problem!  Check out the pics of our radius version frets.
Jet Fretz are made of stainless steel so they won't wear out for a long time!

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